Video Conferencing, Skype for Business and VideoNetwork Analytics

Mercuri, through our strategic partnership with StarLeaf, can provide you High Performance, reliable video meetings.

Whether you choose to use your existing video endpoints or plan to buy our endpoints for your rooms, desktops or mobile devices, you will find our Scheduled and Meet-Me Conferencing to be a High Performance environment that lowers costs and improves collaboration throughout and between businesses!

Mercuri's video conferencing offering is second to none. With unlimited 1-1 video calls, 1 touch multiparty conferences, and best of all no Multipoint control unit required (it all happens in the Cloud), Mercuri's video service is as easy to use as a telephone!

Teamline, the StarLeaf S4B endpoint series is the best option for bringing your Skype for Business and Teams meeting into the huddle room or conference room.

Built on native Microsoft Certified technology for compatibility, these sleek units eliminate the need for an individual to sign into a room system with thier own ID, which can be a massive security issue, and eliminates the need for someone’s personal laptop to "be the boardroom", and with the StarLeaf Maestro system, all of the endpoints can be managed remotely via a secure IT login. No other S4B endpoint has this ability!

Are you looking to integrate Skype for Business with your Legacy Video systems? Mercuri can bring you the Synergy Sky Meeting Server, which allows you to light up a One Touch to Join button on your Cisco and Polycom systems. whether On Premise or in Office 365 we can make your networks speak to each other and easy to use for users of any technical skill level.

Finally, are you trying to manage an expansive video network but don’t know where to start? The Sky Analytics Server (SAS) allows you unprecedented visibility into your network usage by products such as Jabber, S4B, and H323 video endpoints, with the ability to review endpoint and bandwidth usage and apply real life costing and cost savings of metrics such as C02 load related to your video network.


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