Solutions and Services

From the smallest organization to the largest Multi-National, Mercuri can provide your Conference Call users with the tools they need to make their audio and data conference calls, quickly and easily. Our main goal is to reduce your costs of teleconferencing while providing outstanding service.

Mercuri is 100% HD Voice compatible.

If you are utilizing any of the Polycom™ HD or other brands of HD Voice Speakerphones you can connect to Mercuri for unparalleled voice quality. Our conference recordings are already mastered in High Definition Audio to provide you the highest fidelity conference call archive available today.

Mercuri Direct™

Our on demand conferencing allows you to access your conference call without the need to pre-book or contact a Mercuri Representative. A permanent Chairperson and Participant Passcode give you access to your conference call on your schedule!

Mercuri Direct includes everything you need for everyday conferencing while offering many additional services such as:

•    Operator assistance at the touch of a button
•    Call recording and playback, available immediately after your call.
•    Detailed post-conference summaries within minutes of your call’s completion
•    North America wide and international toll free access
•    Local numbers in various cities in over 48 Countries around the world


Mercuri Assist™ and Mercuri Plus™

Some calls require that extra touch to make sure they run perfectly. So that you can concentrate on the message and not have to worry about the medium, Mercuri offers a full suite of operator assisted and event call services.

You will be assisted every step of the way from the scheduling of the call, to the detailed post-call report.

Our Assisted services include:
•    Call recording and playback
•    Interactive polling
•    Operator assisted dial out to local and international numbers
•    Moderated question and answer sessions


Illustrate Pro™ Web Conferencing

Imagine being able to instantly create a Conference Call and Web Collaboration session from the participants in your Microsoft Outlook, incorporate Instant Messaging and Presence management!

Illustrate Pro™ from Mercuri is an easy to use Web Conferencing Systems that provides you all the features you need such as Desktop Sharing, Application Sharing, PowerPoint Display and more!

•    Scheduled or Instant Meetings
•    Integrated audio control to connect or disconnect participants, mute and un-mute lines and view speaker status in real time
•    Integrated recording combines the audio and visual portions of your meeting for future playback
•    Operator assistance available for both audio and data participants
•    Desktop or PowerPoint presentation capability
•    Remote control of Desktops
•    Outlook integration transports your contacts directly into Illustrate™
•    Windows and Mac compatible



Mercuri has the most comprehensive Self Care system available, to allow you to provision your accounts and services as you need them. Simply login in to modify your account information, check your current or historical usage and billing, download conference recordings, add or delete users, pay your invoice by credit card or Interac and more!

Our WebCare™ system is unparalleled in the industry, and features:

•    Full account management and ability to view, create, modify and delete moderator accounts.
•    Manage conference features on a per moderator basis.
•    Support for Project codes both during and after your conference call ends.
•    View and update Operator Assisted and Event Call Details including participant lists.
•    Send Email Invitations to conference participants with Calendar integration.
•    Full recording management for audio only and synchronized audio & web recordings.
•    Playback lists for all recordings of all types accessed by phone, by web or by podcast.
•    View or Download Current Call Details and Current Invoices showing usage to date since last invoice.

•    Historical copies of all invoices and ability to pay online by credit card.

Outlook Integration

Our exclusive Conference Scheduling Tool integrates with Outlook to make managing your audio and web conferences easier than ever. The Outlook add-in allows you to send calendar invitations with conference call details at the touch of a button, then monitor and control your conference call using our web based Conference Viewer.

Billing Features

Mercuri's detailed billing provides you with a complete listing of your conference calls, on a line by line basis, billed down to the second!
We can provide your billing in paper format, or in a multitude of electronic formats, and of course all your current and historical billing is available online, the moment you finish your call!

We provide you with the following to help you allocate and control your spending more efficiently:

•    Per second detailed billing
•    Bills broken down by cost center
•    Reference Number field allows you to bill back to internally from your invoice